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The TV camp furniture combines a mixture of solid oak and veneer. Likewise, the TV table has a front made of Italian wool felt, which is woven 180 degrees around the sides, making the furniture look beautiful from all angles. These properties characterize all furniture in the Felt series. Light oak gives a nice, soft look. Light gray wool felt and light beige oak give the TV cabinet a light, nice look. The light, natural colors of the sideboard give the furniture a soft luminosity that is irresistible to behold. Sound-absorbing Italian wool felt What makes the furniture unique is the Italian wool felt. The felt is of high quality and has high abrasion resistance, but is also sound absorbent. The TV table therefore helps to provide a quiet and pleasant atmosphere by improving the acoustics of the room. Oak is a very solid type of wood. The furniture has a light oak veneer surface and the legs are made of solid oak. Oak is a very solid type of wood and therefore you can expect long life on this beautiful modern piece of furniture. Sliding door suspended on invisible tracks The suspended sliding door always leaves part of the TV cabinet open. Allows you to view the contents of the TV table. The sliding door slides on invisible tracks, which is practical and offers nice functionality, but the invisible tracks also support the simplicity and minimalism of the design. A very modern minimalism in Nordic design and interiors. Invite nature inside The natural colors and natural materials of the TV table help bring the qualities of nature into your home. Humans have always lived according to nature, and we have always made products from wood and other natural materials. So it's no surprise if you like the idea of ​​having a home with wooden furniture that invites nature inside. Invite nature inside and create a modern Nordic home with this beautiful light oak TV table. Large TV table with plenty of space The width is 160cm, which makes room for a large TV and things next to the TV. Cable routing is possible on both sides in the rear corners. Here you can pass the cables through the woven felt. Easy to receive and assemble You receive the TV cabinet partially assembled. It's just the legs that need to be screwed on. Screws and tools are included, making it easy to install. Do you want to see all the TV cabinets? See all TV cabinets here. Read less
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Product Specifications
Length 160 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 50.50 cm
Weight 28 grams
Volume 238 litres
Wooden material
Made in Estonia

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