Metal book holder

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Color: black

The Book Keeper is a simple and sculptural way to organize and sort your books. Use the Book Keeper in your living room, on your bedside table, in your kitchen or on your office desk.
Black colour
Material: Powder coated steel
Dimensions: L27 x W38 cm

Book Keeper is a Danish-designed book stand that makes it easy to display your favorite books in the most elegant way. It can often seem difficult to find a book container or book shelf that can display and display your most cherished books on the coffee table in an elegant and simple way.

The Book Keeper container is available in black and white powder-coated steel. This book stand consists of two units. The first piece is an open shelf (steel frame) which is placed on top of the base frame, which results in the obligatory oblique position which ensures that our books are presented in a very visually appealing position.

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